Our Projects and Initiatives

Holywood Shared Town has undertaken a wide-ranging variety of projects in the local community. 


Projects have improved the local environment, encouraged community participation and togetherness, increased local knowledge of history and provided opportunities for cultural and social engagement in the Town and surrounding areas. 


Take a look below at some of our initiatives, past and present. 

Holywood Walks


Visit the dedicated Holywood Walks site here.

As COVID lockdowns restricted us like never before, many of us searced for some connection to nature.  For those who knew their local areas well, an escape from the boredom could be had by exploring our town during our 30 minutes allotted exercise break, maybe walking the dog somewhere new.


For some though, this isolation uncovered the lack of local knowledge, the lack of exploration of the areas right on our doorsteps.  


Holywood Shared Town sought to rectify this problem by mapping out local highways and byways, trails and tracks some explored, some unexplored.   


A dedicated site for Holywood Walks has been set up (link above) and walking groups and events are now being held with members of the community to connect us as we move out of COVID and back into community together.  


We hope you enjoy the walks, try one you haven't done! 

Stay safe and get your step count up!