Our Projects and Initiatives

Holywood Shared Town has undertaken a wide-ranging variety of projects in the local community. 


Projects have improved the local environment, encouraged community participation and togetherness, increased local knowledge of history and provided opportunities for cultural and social engagement in the Town and surrounding areas. 


Take a look below at some of our initiatives, past and present. 


Community Garden at Redburn Country Park, Holywood


Report by Social Farms and Gardens following a public consultation on the proposal for a community garden in Holywood.


This is the report by Social Farms & Garden on the proposed community garden and we hope you will give it a read.


We undertook the consultation in order to gather people's views on the proposal for a community growing space. The report covers the comments, suggestions and opinions of all those who participated. This includes the concerns raised by some of the residents, while recording that the majority of those consulted favoured the plan in principle.


In response to these views, the report makes a number of recommendations. One of the most significant of these is the re-siting of the growing space to an area that is to the north of the original proposal. This move, it suggests, will address concerns raised, such as residents' sightlines, access to the site avoiding the laneway, retention of the existing pathways for walkers, and the continuation of the existing biodiversity. We appreciate that the sharing of ideas through the consultation has led to such modifications. The report shows the old plan compared to the new and illustrates how its findings and recommendations aim to accommodate everyone's comments.


The report also highlights the importance of working alongside the community in shaping the future direction of any plans. We very much hope that you will find the proposal interesting and will consider getting involved to make the space a success for the whole community.


We would like to apologise for the delay in making the report available. We have been exploring a range of optioins; have taken time to try to accommodate all the comments; and have sought and received funding to help advance the proposal. The next step is likely to be the submission of a planning application to the Borough Council which would provide further opportunity for public comment.


We hope you will welcome the report's findings and recommendations and look forward to any further comments that you may like to make, by 18 November 2022 please, at info@holywoodsharedtown.org


Read the full report HERE