About us

Holywood Shared Town was formed from a group of Holywood friends and residents who wanted to make a positive impact on their community and to strengthen participation of people of all ages in the community for the benefit of all. 


Holywood Shared Town was incorporated as a Private Limited Company by guarantee (Company Number: NI617275) in 2013 and a registered charity with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (No. 101962) since 2016.


Holywood Shared Town is a charity for the advancement of citizenship or community development with social, cultural and environmental aims and benefits. 


The Directors and Trustees of the Charity range from a variety of backgrounds and specialisms, working together to realise the vision of Holywood Shared Town to connect, support & build a flourishing community.

Meet The Team

John Woods

John is a Public Policy Consultant focusing on sustainability and wellbeing.

Bill Lockhart

Bill is a Psychology Consultant and a dedicated member of Holywood Men's Shed.

Nicola Murphy

Nicola is a Director of Green Connect NI and specialises in community engagement.

Simon Bridge

Simon is a visiting Professor of Business Management and Consulting at Ulster Univeristy

Robin Masefield

Robin has had a prestigious career as a leading Civil Servant and is an expert in local history.

Tim Kerr

Tim is Director of the Ulster Festival of Art & Design at UU and supporter of community culture and arts.

Fiona Anderson

Fiona is a communications consultant and works as a Charity Retail Manager for Oxfam

Gordon Crozier

Gordon has worked in the Youth sector and now works in community good relations.

Lauren Kendall

Lauren is a senior non-profit leader with a career in working for social and environmental justice causes.